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Expresing wishes to other people

There are many situations that repeat once in a while, and in each language there are special phrases native speakers use and it is important for the foreigner to know how and when to use them.

In Spanish to make a wish, there is a very common word which is OJALÁ. You can start the phrase using this word, or “Espero que”/ “Deseo que” (I hope / I wish) or just “que”, the verb that follows must be always be in the Subjunctive form.

What would you say….


To a couple who is about to get married.

Ojalá que sean muy felices.


To someone who is sick.

Deseo que te mejores.


To someone who is going out to a party.

Que te diviertas.


To someone who is going to a job interview.

Que te vaya bien.


To a group of people who are going to a birthday party.

Espero que la pasen muy bien.


To someone who is going to bed.

Que duermas bien.  


To greet someone in the morning.

Que tengas un buen día.


To someone who is travelling.  

Espero que tengas un buen viaje.


To someone at his/her birthday. 

Que tengas un feliz cumpleaños.


To someone who is playing a game.

Que tengas suerte.


To someone who has a very important exam.

Que te vaya bien.



What would you say in these situations? ¿Qué dirías en estas situaciones?

·         A un director de cine que va a estrenar esta misma noche una película.

·         A una actriz argentina se va a casar con su novio.

·         A un grupo de amigos que va a una fiesta.

·         A un niño que está muy cansado y se va a dormir.

·         A la abuela de un amigo que está enferma.

·         A un amigo que quiere cambiar de trabajo y va a una entrevista.

·         A alguien en Año Nuevo.


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