Spanish Lessons

Learn Spanish “the argentine way” with fun interactive lessons in which culture, language, music, traditions, gastronomy are combined. Learn more than the language, learn a way of living. Contact


One to one and small group lessons

We offer tailor-made lessons in order to meet our student’s needs. We believe that learning is more effective when is combined with personal interests and preferences. Our lessons are oriented towards comunication mainly, working on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and cultural content you may need to achieve an effective comunication.

One to one lessons provide the opportunity to work individually on your Spanish languages skills. In addition to the possibility of progressing even faster, this formula allows total flexibility in terms of both schedules and content.

· Classes are suited to your own learning pace.

· You can choose place and amount of time of the classes.

· Optimize your time: the course is tailored to suit your specific needs; therefore, learning Spanish is faster and the time needed for completing the training Spanish program shorter.



The location can be your house, your office or we invite you to our place in Palermo Neighbourhood in Buenos Aires City.


On request of our students we prepare them  to take the following exams:

· Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA):  CEB (Basic Spanish Certificate) , CEI ( Intermediate Spanish Certificate), CEA (Advance Spanish Certificate) from Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)

· CELU (Cerfificado de Español Lengua y Uso)


For more information contact




The first encounter to talk about the lessons, check your Spanish level and talk about aims and interests in Spanish language is free. In this interview you will agree with the teacher the level and the length of the course.

You will be asked to pay every week in advance. If you cancel at least 24 hr. before the class you may be able to re schedule it.

Special Promotions!

If you come with a friend and take the lesson together, one of you only pays half.

If you take more than 8 hours a week you will get a discount.

Send us an e-mail for more information:





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