Methodology and Teachers


  In order to achieve an efficient communication, we stress on combining the learning of linguistic and grammatical contents with practice and also by interacting with Spanish-speaking people. 



For this, we use modern and updated teaching methods with audiovisual equipments, true communicative situations are dramatized and students take part in social activities (cinema, theatre, visits to museums, among any others that they may request).  In this manner, our objective is to generate within each student the need to express itself effectively and to encourage the development of his abilities regarding comprehension, as well as to the oral and written production of the language.

Personalisation: Since the day you take the first interview and level test your individual needs are identified. You will receive the appropriate material for your level and to accomplish the objectives you will set with your teacher.

Progress: We help you to progress more quickly through the feedback from teacher assessments and they will give you recommendations for guided independent study. They continuously monitor your progress and analyse your strength and weaknesses. As a result of this evaluation, you always know where you stand and what areas you still have to work on.At the end of your stay you feel confident about what you can now do in the language and you will receive a certificate defining your language competence.


Our Teachers

Your teachers are all native speakers, with university degrees and have acquired special training for teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

They are experts, qualified at teaching their language. They use a variety of up-to-date approaches to design an ideal course for your particular needs. Likewise, they have traveled to different places throughout the world and therefore, are acquainted with the needs and difficulties that foreigners must face when living in a culture that is not their own.



Soledad OlacireguiSol



Spanish Coordinator and Teacher

Sol has an University Degree in Literature (Universidad de Buenos Aires) and in Journalism (Universidad Católica Argentina), a Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language from International House World Organization and other diplomas from workshops to enhance her Spanish teacher skills. She have been teaching Spanish since 2003 and have been the Spanish Coordinator at International House San Isidro.

“I love teaching, literature, movies, knowing people from all over the world and learning about other countries culture and traditions. I am passionate about my country and culture and I am keen on sharing this with other people. “

Macarena Pereyra de Olazabal

Cultural Activities Coordinator

She has a Bachelor Degree in Communication, Advertising (Universidad del Salvador).

During her career she has worked as an Account Executive for advertising and promotion marketing agencies, Events supervisor & coordinator. She also worked in new business & communication for the “Argentina Inland” books collection and tourist material development. Coordinated the Art & Crafts Business Unit at “Hands of the Earth” -Fair trade & Social Responsibility Company-.

Additional Assigments: Since 2003 she is a member of the Executive Committee at the Chamber Music Foundation, considered select and exclusive for classical music lovers for its high academic performance. She had done courses and degrees on Cultural Affairs, Art and Communication.



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