What helped you learn Spanish?

In a forum for Buenos Aires expats, someone asked this question, “What helped you learn Spanish?”, and  it received prompt replies. Some of the answers where these, I hope they helped you too:

  • Took classes in all the things I love. Horseback riding, cooking, painting, went to lectures on art, did pilates, took dance classes… all sorts of fun stuff. I learn both through interacting with the teacher as well as taking instruction in things that added value to my life.  I meet other students (all most all of  them were Argentine) so very few spoke English forcing me to work harder at understanding. Every class became like “show and tell”….I learned the language as well as invested in learning new skills and making friends.
  • listening to spanish music and then looking up the lyrics
  • watching tv
  •  SPEAKING Spanish…Moving out of the barrios where when I started to speak in castellano my accent was recognized and was responded to in English. Living outside of those areas I must use my Spanish to get things done.
  • Joining one of the free language exchange sites and chatting in Spanish.
  • Sharing lots of time with native speakers who don’t correct me or inhibit me when I talk.
  • I got hooked on an Argentine novela (soap opera)- my Spanish was pretty decent before the soap but it improved significantly afterward and during the show.

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