A language can open you an new world

Learning a language can open a new world to you. You can get in touch with other people, you can learn and understand a new culture, and you can travel feeling more confident… There is a linguistic theory that says that our understanding of the world, our cultural perceptions, our way of thinking is shaped by our native language. So, to really get to know another culture and its people you must learn the language of that culture.

There are many ways of learning a language, taking lessons or not. But for sure, you need to set yourself goals that are realistic. You may want to attain a certain level within a certain period of time, but this must be according to your possibilities, to your effort, to your capabilities. Learning language is not easy and there is no system or learning program that may teach you to speak like a native speaker in two months. Learning a language requires a lot of effort, dedication and discipline. And being realistic is important otherwise you can get disappointed and it will be easier to give it up when things are tough.

If you are living in a Spanish speaking country make use of that great advantage and expose yourself to Spanish in any way: talking exchanges with native people, reading any paper or phrase that comes to your eyes (take a little notepad with you and write down useful phrases you hear or read, or any doubt to ask to a native speaker or to look down in the dictionary),  watching Spanish films or television programs, listening to Spanish music and if you can, pick up the lyrics/translations on the Internet.

If you are learning on your own, learning Spanish grammar may be a little difficult; the verbs at more advanced levels are tricky. But you can learn new words every day or every week (set your own goal). Try to learn and practice the words you learn. Learn not only a separate word but try to remember it in a phrase that is useful or which help you memorize the meaning of the word.

Be very patient with the language!!


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