Our Students

“The month I spent with Soledad as my Spanish language tutor was immeasurably rewarding. Each day, she offered well-prepared lessons customized to fit my interests and skill level. Our sessions went far beyond the typical components of vocabulary and grammar. Soledad applied language lessons to various aspects of Argentina culture. Working with Soledad greatly enhanced my understanding of and appreciation for the Argentine way of life. She made my trip so memorable! “

Kathryn Himes

Alexandria, Virginia, US

Katy (USA), Anna (Holand) and Sol having tea after a lesson.











“During my year abroad from University I worked in Buenos Aires. My Spanish grammar was fairly weak and because I had opted out of university exchange programme I decided to take some private Spanish classes to improve. I was put in touch with Sol and had 2 lessons a week for the majority of the year. I specified to Sol what was going to be demanded of me during my final year at University and throughout the year she helped me build up my written Spanish to the high level that will be required. Every class we worked through a very specific course book, which was brought, to life by many different additional activities. These skills were furthermore enhanced by reading some literature that also boosted my vocabulary levels. At the end of every class I took away optional homework, which enabled me to put the rules into practice. As a Spanish student I was set some work from my university and was able to put all the grammar I had learnt into my essays to send home. It was really nice after so many years of learning Spanish in class of 20 to be able to sort through my problems and higher my level of Spanish significantly on a one to one basis. The things that I learnt during my year have stood in good stead for my final year of university and hopefully a life speaking Spanish. “

Hermione Winterton









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